A timely cinematic film experience is about to happen. This powerful, emotional drama with action, impacting storylines, and deep characters will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

This visionary film centers around one teenage girl, Anya, a Russian sleeper agent who was raised and groomed as an assassin to be sent to America. She waits in the shadows, unseen, until activated. She’s the best—and she never loses. Ever since she can remember, she was taught that love, freedom, life, and happiness are all fabricated concoctions told to children to encourage weakness.

However, the more she learns about American culture, the more she realizes that those elements empower rather than weaken. Our American lifestyle of fun, friendship, and freedom are all real. Now, Anya is faced with a harrowing choice: Continue to fulfill her destiny as a sleeper agent waiting for activation, or live a normal life and experience life, love, and freedom.

In this timely film, we experience Anya’s journey and, in the end, await to see her choice with anticipation.

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MIKE FOX | Executive Producer, Director, Writer
SONNY LACHINE | Executive Producer, Casting
JESUS CELESTE GUZMAN (JC) | Producer, Actress

ANYA doesn’t lose. As a trained, groomed Russian sleeper agent excelling and outperforming all others, she’s ready to be planted in America and wait for activation to reign terror from within. Indoctrinated by Russian overseers and educators lead by head overseer Dmitri, who rules with a cold, iron fist, painfully conditioning children with no mercy, and his assistant, the liaison to American organizations, Mila.

Anya lives and breaths for mother Russia with the narrative drilled into her to destroy the lies of the American way of life. Until she sees what Americans are really like and comes face to face with a choice she was never trained or prepared for. As she experiences what living free in America can bring, she quickly realizes that what they drilled into her mind and heart is far different than what she sees first hand.

For the first time she actually feels – and experience – what American life really is. A life full of freedom, friendship, family, love – the true American life.

She comes face to face with a choice: Either continue being a sleeper and wait for activation, or defect and become an American teen, experience what life was meant to be.


Mike Fox | Multi Award-Winning Filmmaker, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Post-Production Vide Editor, Designer, Creative Professional, Actor, Voiceover, CEO & Entrepreneur.
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